A Fresh Coat of Paint

September 5, 2005

Yes, its not dead, but its time for a fresh coat of paint here at duncanriley.com and a bit of a fresh start after some time away from the person blog as many, many other things have gotten in the way.

I’ve got a new project on the way shortly as well which is great stuff. No word from me yet, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

The new look: well its the Weblog Empire plate with a new header, myself and Declan at Perth Zoo. Its funny really, v2 of duncanriley.com was the first WordPress site I ever ran with. I’d abondoned 1.0 in 2003 because like this site alot it gets forgotten from time to time. Its rebirth was an experiment in using WP 1.2 before I implemented it on the Blog Herald. It came complete with one of the very first versions of the Kurbick template (which of course is now standard on WP1.5) and the comments didn’t work…and I never got around to fixing it. Good news in the comments are working again and unlike the last experiment I’ve probably got a dozen and a half WordPress blogs under my belt now.

2 responses to A Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. A fellow dies, goes to hell, and is surprised when confronted by a room full of beautiful blondes and kegs of beer. He asks a nearby demon if this is really hell, and what was so bad about the place.

    “Well,” said the demon, “the kegs all have holes in the bottoms, and the blondes don’t!”

  2. I never visited such a good site before.