A great example of why listening is an important skill, or you don’t know everything

September 18, 2006

b5media’s latest blog: Jessandashlee.com, dedicated to all things Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. We launched it a day or two ago, I registered the domain off my own bat after a suggestion for Arieanna and Leora and did the layout myself, although Leora did the header. Super quick turn around, a great example of how important good communications and project management works across a small team. Of course as you get bigger and the team grows that’s not always as easily extended without the tool set to support the expansion, but it’s a fine starting point.

But back to the blog: it’s not breaking records in terms of traffic compared to some of b5’s existing sites, but it’s doing amazing traffic for a two day old blog, traffic that some people wait months before they get to that point, or may never. Will it keep up? I’d say I’d hope so but I know so. Arieanna Schweber and Leora Zellman, the b5 hit makers. These two are stars. If they were selling me something I’d buy it every single time. I’m tempted to knickname Arieanna Gold Finger, because everything she touches turns to gold, and Leora just has this amazing ability to click with readers. Great stuff. At the end of the day though celebrities aren’t particularly my thing, and I’m not an expert in the area, but I continue to listen and learn every day. It’s easy to drink the kool aid and be surrounded by the nodding heads of the white-boy geek set, it’s harder to listen to the warriors at the coal face. Delivery is about interaction with your customer or reader. Always listen to your people on the ground, they often know what works better than you do.

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  1. The header graphic looks like it was done in 30 seconds 😛