A Leader Who Gets Climate Change

June 11, 2007

Czech President Vaclav Klaus:

The environmentalist paradigm of thinking is absolutely static. They neglect the fact that both nature and human society are in a process of permanent change, that there is and has been no ideal state of the world as regards natural conditions, climate, distribution of species on earth, etc.

They neglect the fact that the climate has been changing fundamentally throughout the existence of our planet and that there are proofs of substantial climate fluctuations even in known and documented history.

Their reasoning is based on historically short and incomplete observations and data series which cannot justify the catastrophic conclusions they draw.

They neglect the complexity of factors that determine the evolution of the climate and blame contemporary mankind and the whole industrial civilization for being the decisive factors responsible for climate change and other environmental risks.

Why can’t Howard come out and say something like this? It’s right on so many levels.

For every person I’ve argued  this with, not one has been able to explain global warming prior to now, best represented to me by the Romans growing grapes and producing wine in Britain 2000 years ago. That things are getting warmer I think isn’t in doubt, what is in serious doubt is the cause and result.

via Tim Blair

One response to A Leader Who Gets Climate Change

  1. Spot on, Duncan. It’s so obvious now that the debate is a sham I think the politicians have a hidden agenda : to wean us off our dependence on Middle East oil and gas. Typically, they won’t be honest about this in case they’re accused of “racism”.