Agreement Between Freelance Recruiter And Company

September 9, 2021

What if, for example, your client files for bankruptcy when he owed you 10,000 $US? If you have a contract that clearly defines the terms of your agreement (and the exact amount due for the services provided), you are much more likely to recover at least some of what is owed to you during the legal proceedings. If you only have an email thread or handshake agreement, it`s not that robust. As this was my first freelance job, I had some technical questions. I am from Eastern Europe, and in my country, if you work as a freelancer, you have to register as one. To record and report your monthly income, you need a contract that basically states why and where you`re getting your money from, and a transfer print screen (PayPal, revolute, whatever), so I asked them for a bulk contract in the form of an email. What they said was, “For the treaty, we don`t know exactly how it works for your country, its definition of the contract, we don`t normally offer a contract to freelancers for certain periods, but we can navigate while we leave.” But then, with the following email, when I asked for deadlines, payments, etc., they told me that my questions were a little too many and that they wanted me to ask them again afterwards. A few months. Now I wonder if they will be ready to sign a contract one day. I am not aware of U.S.

laws. Is there some kind of obligation for her that could bother her? They were very open to communication, but something left them turning away. I`m afraid to ask again.