An open apology: I was wrong.

April 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

On March 28 I wrote a post pointing out that Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has been duped by a clever person running a site called popuri..a site which I alleged ran on a script that could be bought for $20. Turns out I was wrong, totally wrong, and hence I openly apologise to all readers.

The script (either the same one, or one very close to it) is actually available for free at DP here. 6th script down. Look for “Advanced AJAX PageRank Checker (MOST POPULAR ONE EVER! 400+ Copies sold)”.

Now for those aiming to set up a similar site, all you have to do is add nifty little icons next to the words, find a cool Web 2.0 URL and of course, don’t forget the logo.

Degree of Difficulty: EASY
Time to complete: 20 minutes.