Author Agreement Brazilian Journal Of Infectious Diseases

April 8, 2021

Elsevier supports responsible sharing Find out how to share the results of your research published in Elsevier magazines. Ethics in publication Please visit our information pages on ethics in publishing and ethical guidelines for journal publications. After approval of the manuscript, the author is instructed to pay the publication fee. Review Checklist for Submission You can use this list to complete a final review of your submission before sending it to the Journal for verification. For more information, see the corresponding section of this author`s manual. Manuscripts submitted to the Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases should be sent to the editor-in-chief login address. A registration number is assigned to each manuscript and the author is informed that the manuscript is complete and capable of starting the verification process. On this screen, you can see an MS Word simulator, with all the necessary text formatting functions. To insert your text into this field, select all the paper, copy it and insert it into the manuscript`s configuration field.

Select only texts and tables, because images must be sent in the second step and are automatically inserted at the end of the document. Important: never enter in this area the names of authors, co-authors or other information that could convey the place where the study was carried out (institution, hospital, etc.). This requirement is due to the fact that the review process is double-blind. If this is not taken into account, the document is returned in the form of OUT-OF-STANDARD, so that it can be corrected by the author and, therefore, its publication is delayed after adoption. To send an article to the magazine: This section aims to promote a healthy debate between our readers and our authors. The texts that the reader presents to this section are sent to the authors of the commented contributions so that they can respond to criticism or praise. The publication of letters to the publisher in the journal is left to the discretion of the editor and only if there is a response from the author. In this step, we see the term copyright that must be printed for the author to collect the signatures and enter the CPF numbers of any co-author. The document is then sent to BJORL headquarters by mail or fax: 55 (11) 5053-7512. Before printing, make sure you have answered both questions at the end of the form. Important: The PMS offers the opportunity to print this copyright form by clicking “Print the copyright form.” Peer Review This review sets up a dual anonymized review process.

All articles are first checked by the publisher for their fitness for review.