Canteen Lease Agreement

September 14, 2021

The contract may be terminated due to larger (insurmountable) events. Similarly, utilities are certainly determined who pays for it and who is required to carry out the ongoing repairs if such a company needs to download a model coffee rental agreement. Thirdly, it will not be superfluous to advance the right to subletting. On the contrary, they may prohibit the possibility of exploiting that institution. It is an agreement. The examination of the question of the modification of the rent may not be carried out more than once a year. The change in the rental rate takes the form of an endorsement. (k) pay electricity bills, telephone bills, electricity, water in accordance with separate agreements that the Lessee is required to enter into after the entry into force of this Agreement 2.5. At the end of this contract and in case of early termination, the premises must be evacuated by the tenant. Otherwise, the tenant is obliged to pay the double rent for the entire duration of the actual use of the premises after the end of the rental period, as well as to pay the lessor any losses that may result from a default. 10.2. The party for whom the above circumstances occurred must immediately inform the other party (within ten days from the date of the occurrence of these circumstances).

The fact that the circumstances referred to in clause 10.1 of this Agreement are confirmed by a certificate or other document of an authorized public authority. 4.2.1. The lessor is liable for defects in the rented premises and equipment that hinder all or part of the use, even if he was not aware of these defects at the time of the conclusion of the contract. 3.1. The transfer of premises to the tenant is carried out in accordance with the Law on Acceptance and Transmission (Annex No. 3) within 15 days from the date of registration of this contract with the Federal Registration Service of the City of Moscow, provided that the tenant pays for the first two months of the lease and the tenant pays a deposit. 8.3. The future fate of this agreement in such cases shall be determined by an agreement between the parties. If no agreement is reached, the parties will have the right to go to court to resolve this issue.

4.1. In the event of non-performance or correct non-performance of their obligations under this Treaty, the parties shall be liable under the legislation in force. 7.1.6. According to a written agreement with the tenant, carry out the general overhaul of the premises as part of the renovation of the building at his own expense. If the need for major repairs is due to the fault of the tenant, the higher repair costs are paid by the tenant. Where both parties or one of them is a legal person, irrespecting the duration 3.4. The owner is obliged to inform the tenant in writing, within two working days, of the conclusion of the public registration of this contract with the Federal Registration Service of the City of Moscow. Rented buildings have every chance of being sublet by the tenant only with the written agreement of the owner: 3-step control model. The date of response to the request is the date of registration of the postal shipment with the response.

Organizations and individual entrepreneurs applying sts and UTII have the right not to collect VAT. Authorization of guardianship and guardianship authorities, other persons, bodies at the time, specific labour laws. If the lessor has not transferred the leased property to the lessee within the period indicated in the rental agreement, but if the duration is not fixed promptly in the contract, the lessee has the right to this property in accordance with Art. . . .