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Received an odd email yesterday from someone I hadn’t heard from in years. Someone who out of the blue cut me off despite a once close working relationship.

Turns out that she got a serious dose of karma, and is rather bitter about it. Wrote to me to say as much as well. Very strange person, maybe a cultural difference given she’s originally foreign.

My crime apparently was expressing surprise on another site about her bitterness.

The thing I’m most sad about is how this person happily picked her own personal profit over others, and yet now claims she was dedicated to those very same people.

I guess, and it’s one of my flaws, is that I’ve never been able to balance both. I tend to side in supporting those around me, and it’s often cost me dearly.

I know at least one serious dick with a grudge against me had claimed I have an issue here, but let me say that I sleep well every night, and I didn’t send myself two emails now on the issue; be it I might add, 2 years too late.

None the less, for me it’s an interesting lesson in morals; sometimes you take hard knocks, but karma always balances things out if you always try to do the right things in life.

A lesson well earned.

Up to 60 people dead, hundreds, possibly thousands of homes lost, and Senator Bob Brown (leader of the Australian Greens) uses the opportunity to warn people about global warming

More fires to come as climate change continues: Bob Brown

Global warming is predicted to make this sort of event happen 25 per cent, 50 per cent more,” he told Sky News.

“It’s a sobering reminder of the need for this nation and the whole world to act and put at a priority our need to tackle climate change.”

What, arsonists are gong be more prevalent with global warming…because that’s who the CFA is blaming for at least some of the fires. And wow, like we’ve never had deadly fires before either.

Bob Brown, you’re an insensitive little turd who seeks to gain political capital off the deaths of your fellow Australians. Shut the fuck up.

The Age confirms what I observed the other day:

THE leaves may be turning brown and falling, but it’s not an early autumn….

Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens have been undertaking a program to save plants and director Richard Barley said they were in reasonable condition, but he is concerned about the long-term prospects for Melbourne’s established street trees such as planes and elms. “Dropping their leaves is a normal reaction for trees in these circumstances. They have been hit by the two factors of the extended dry and the extraordinary hot air temperatures of last week.

“If we had cooler, wetter conditions to the end of April it is possible they could grow back some of their foliage, but if these conditions continue over the next two or three years, it will put them under enormous stress and it is likely a lot of them will die.”

Melbourne Tree Armagedon?

February 3, 2009 — 6 Comments


The photo doesn’t do it justice (hard while driving) but I noticed today that around Hawthorn, Canterbury and Camberwell that all the trees are dropping their leaves….in January, and not Autumn.

One of the best parts of living in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is just how beautiful the streets are. In Autumn, the trees lining nearly every street drop their leaves, in spring they grow back. But if they’re dropping their leaves now, they wont be come autumn.

A quick search of Google shows that the trees may survive, and that in drought European trees can do this; but likewise, they also drop leaves before they die as well.

The solution of course is more water, but we aren’t getting more of that any time soon. It’s ironic really to consider that water restrictions in WA are less severe than Victoria, and WA is the drier state with the lesser opportunities for dams and water capture.


Rudd reveals $115b loss

I read last week that Keating’s giving economic advice to Rudd, no surprise when you read this stuff.

Sorry in advance about the language, but we’re now officially fucked.

– $115 billion.

Projected surplus in November was $5.7 billion.

See the magic difference, and that’s before yet another stimulus package.

In the space of a year or two, Rudd will run up the Government Mastercard to higher than Keating levels.

Not bad for a first term. Wonder though who’s going to pay for it, and what interest rate they’ll demand.

$115 billion.


Inquisitr January

February 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

Pageviews: 1,819,094 (per Google Analytics)
down slightly from last month. Very slow start to the month where I thought we’d be off a lot more, picked up after Jan 10.

Traffic profile: highest post accounted for 5.2% of traffic.

Finances: don’t mention the war 😉
Seriously though, we’ve been tweaking and playing with extra ads and better passback inventory. This month wasn’t great, but we’ve done as much as we can to bring up the gap lost from out frontline provider who managed to drop a nearly 50% vs December, despite a 10% drop in traffic from us. With unfortunately having to put one writer off (last day Feb 5), we should show a reasonable profit next month presuming traffic holds up. Certainly the ad rates can’t get much lower; in that regard we’re actually pretty well placed going forward vs sites that are still facing hits ahead of them.

Technorati Rank:238

My experience at 3:45 AEDT this morning:

Hulu: audio/ video out of sync, could only be fixed by closing the stream and restarting it…then slowly the same thing would happen again

CNN/ Facebook: people are gushing over this. I’m sure it was great, except that I got a message that it was full and I’d have to wait to get in. Yeah, I’m going to wait in the middle of Obama’s speech. Fail.

Livestation: I love Livestation, but I don’t have the client installed on my laptop, only my desktop, and I had no intention of getting out of bed. Page time outs, and when you got anything up only half would load. Couldn’t download the client to watch.

MSNBC: seriously delayed, maybe 10-30 seconds or more. So I’d switch to MSNBC from Hulu, then have to sit through parts of the speech I’d already heard.

Suprisingly though, there was one site I like, but admitedly I only hit it AFTER the speech.

Fox News, no, not the Hulu feed, the actual feed from the Fox News website.

Quality was ok, not brilliant, but in sync, and easily went full screen. They also offered different camera angles in the same box, so you could watch raw footage, or footage with comentary, and you could also switch to Fox Radio. Next time there’s something live like this, I know where I’m heading.

I didn’t get a a chance to hit Ustream, but I’ve heard quality wasn’t great, but it’s also a possible.

CBS was suppose to be good from reports.

Nice New Years links from Reddit and Whirlpool. Not sure how high we ended up on Reddit, but it delivered over 9,000 page views. That’s the highest we’ve ever had from a Reddit link; shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but my bet is that Reddit is booming at the moment. I know we weren’t top of the page, so the figure is better again. We’ve been top before, and only got 3-4k.

Whirlpool is nice to have, and I’m grateful that something I had to write was recognized in Australia. They remain Australia’s best site for telco, mobile and internet discussion for a reason.

Surprisingly though the same post turned up on Digg. Not front page yet but submitted by MrBabyMan so a nice run. Not a lot of traffic, but I’m grateful to Mohammed for the link. No idea if we’ll hit front page, highly unlikely, and more so when you see dicks like this

Note my post was written beofre Christmas. It comes from an Australian, about an Australian issue. Unlike the NY Times who was late to the story, I also don’t run the Australian Government spin.

Digg - Australia's Firewall: What2019s NOT mentioned even more scary
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Digg just attracts these people, doesn’t it. Couldn’t read either article, or the massive difference between both.

I’ve said it before, there’s a reason I spend my time on Reddit.

A better mix of categories

October 28, 2008 — 4 Comments

It’s been two weeks since we launched the new design on The Inquisitr, and it’s been meeting our expectations and more. Like any blog I’ve ever owned or run, design is fluid, and there’s always room for improvement; we’ve already made some tweaks and small changes, none worth announcing, and there will be more in the future, as there always has been.

I did want to make a housekeeping announcement about categories though. It’s minor, but it will save me having to mention it in the 6 month review post coming up next week 🙂

In line with the better mix theme we’re reviewing categories and have made some changes. Categories have always been there for us, but under the new design they work a lot better for us, and allow us to do new things. We’ll also have some future changes as well (still working on them, so nothing I can announce…they may not be announced either, small stuff). Some of these changes happened today, some over the last two weeks.

We now have a dedicated media industry category. This covers media naturally. We’ve always covered the death of heritage media, but the stories didn’t always sit well under tech, even if it is the switch to the internet that is killing newspapers for example. This won’t be a huge category for us, but we’ve been doing about 5-6 posts a week in it, and it’s allowing us to do media specific stories. Media Industry also has its own feed, which already has 27 subscribers without once having been mentioned (except the sidebar) or promoted I’m glad to report.

Entertainment is the new catchall for the previous category of Pop, and the 2 week old Movies category. Movies was a break out from pop in itself, where we believed that movie news (such as trailers primarily) didn’t sit well with celebrity gossip. The old pop is now celebrity news, and can be accessed under the Entertainment option on the site, along with Movies and future entertainment related categories.

We’ve also added Funny Pics, which is currently available on the nav bar, but may end up as a sub-category of the current odd+funny category. We’ve usually done stories as opposed to pics in this stream, but more and more pics were creeping in and they didn’t sit as well next to stories, hence they have their own category now.

In terms of actual content, there isn’t really that much that has changed. We’re still writing mostly the same things, just categorizing them a little differently, although naturally there’s been an increase in movies + media.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of this song.

PS: Grooveshark FTW. How people are writing about Lala and not Grooveshark is beyond me.