CBS and Channel 10 suck

September 22, 2006 — 5 Comments

Last night was the debut episode of Jericho, the new American series based around an end of the world sort of scenario…and a series that for once we haven’t got to wait 6-9 months to see after its debuted in the States..indeed we got to see it 12 hours after it’s US debut.

I’ve got no idea whether it’s good or not, but having held a long morbid fascination with end of the world tales since my youth, I wanted to check it out. But here’s the catch, I was out when it was on last night. But being the dutiful (ok, occasional) TV watcher that I am, I bought up the TV guide on my Windows XP MCE box and clicked on Jericho to record it before I left. So I get home late last night and think to myself…hmmm, I might start watching what I’ve recorded.

What do I get?

David bloody Tench.

Apparently at the last minute Channel Ten decided to dump Tench to 9:30pm and run Jericho at 8:30pm (a word to the wise, Channel 10 should just dump Tench altogether). Unfortunately because there still isn’t a legal, or official EPG available for MCE and Tivo style boxes here in Australia, my EPG provider didn’t get the update.

OK, I thought to myself, all is not lost, after all CBS is offering re-runs of shows on it’s site, I’ll go over there to watch it.

Click on the link, get some ads running….and running, maybe 3 minutes of ads…and then: buzzzzzzzzz. CBS won’t show the episode to people outside of the United States!

Channel 10 and CBS: you suck, and you wonder why people download shows from bittorrent. Oddly enough there were 4 different recordings of the Jericho first release on Torrentspy today…not that I’d download anything like that of course 😉