Comment spam is getting even more out of control

January 1, 2007

Maybe it’s just the new year/ silly season spike (comment spammers normally ramp up spam at this time of year because it’s less likely to get picked up as people are away) but it would appear more than ever that comment spam is getting even more out of control. I cleared approx 15,000 comment spam out of yesterday, although I can’t remember the previous time I’d done so. Tonight there was 1700 new pieces of comment spam, thankfully caught by Akismet, but none the less had still managed to lodge themselves on my server, using both disk space and resources (memory and CPU). 1700 + in 24 hours, and this blog is by no means a major blog in terms of traffic nor presence. I respect and understand why people comment spam, but at some stage or another the marginal cost of comment spam has got to get to a point where some one, some where will try to take action against it. CanSpam extended to comment spam would be a start.

One response to Comment spam is getting even more out of control

  1. Sometimes I wish it is legal to kill spammers.

    They are wasting precious time, effort, server space, bandwidth, etc. They should’ve stayed spamming emails, at least that area can is tolerable.