Day 1 of 2313: Michelle Riley Bans My Son From Playing WOW With Me

April 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

wowmSadly this may be a regular daily post.

My ex-wife stripped all contact with my son away from me in the Family Court of Australia; and before you ask I couldn’t afford to contend it, her main witness had me constantly in court spending a shit ton of money on defending myself against her. I spent roughly $80k in lawyers in one year!

Amongst her evidence was statement from herself and her child shrink that me allowing Declan to play World of Warcraft was child abuse and caused him bad dreams.

The TL;DR version is WOW is bad, apparently.

But after recently being berated by my mother, she allowed some actual contact, and that included playing Minecraft and WOW with Dec online.

Until tonight.

I pointed out the irony while thanking my ex-wife tonight for letting me play WOW with him…and I will say that it’s a lot of fun. Hey Dec *waves*

And she responded by:




So tomorrow if and when I’m no longer allowed to play WOW with Declan I say this: it wasn’t me Dec, it was your mum.

There’s nothing wrong with playing WOW, it’s no different to me playing Dragon Warriors (similar to Dungeon and Dragons) when I was your age.

2312 posts to go.

One response to Day 1 of 2313: Michelle Riley Bans My Son From Playing WOW With Me

  1. Ridiculous. Sorry, brother. A real crappy situation. I’m sorry Michelle is so vindictive. This goes far and away beyond what any sane person would do. Once Dec is of age, he’ll realize.

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