Debnam turns pretend blogger on NSW tour

January 10, 2007 — Leave a comment

I read this headline at The Australian: “Debnam turns blogger on NSW tour” and I thought to myself wow! at long last an Australian politician of serious note has started blogging, its taken long enough, finally some of our nations leaders might finally recognised the benefits of blogging. But alas, I was wrong. Totally wrong. isn’t a blog, even if the spin doctors in the NSW Liberal Party are calling it a blog. Static content with a date put on the top doesn’t make a blog. The only post on the site so far doesn’t even read like a personally written blog post…of course it isn’t, one of the PR flacks would have written it. No comments, no trackbacks…indeed remarkably no archives as I write this as well. Static, boring, same-old same-old spin talk, and nothing more. Is it little wonder that despite having the worst Labor Administration in the nation that the polls are showing Labor with a unbeatable lead going into an election in NSW this year?

But before I finish, how’s this for a name for a tour: “Get NSW Back in Front ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú Living the Issues Tour”. Why didn’t they just call it “I’m a complete and utter wanker tour”, my suggestion at least has a better ring to it 🙂


Disclosure: I am a former member of the NSW Liberal Party, as well as having been a staffer in my past life. Thankfully I cured myself of that affliction.