Enough already with the Microsoft Killer Talk

June 7, 2006

Jeremy and I don’t often see eye to eye on certain tech things relating to Microsoft, I’ve always been an Open Source fanwhore where as Jeremy spent time working for (or was that with) Microsoft, and tends to be rather pro-Microsoft (I’m not anti-Microsoft (I use XP for example), I just prefer to have choice in a marketplace), however I’ll agree with him on this:

Google Office is not a Microsoft killer.

Far from it. Sure, Google’s growing suite of online enterprise tools will find a nice niche in the marketplace, but they aren’t going to damage Microsoft Office any time shortly, and neither will many of the other Web 2.0 apps out there.

What Google and other Web 2.0 companies do know however is that the long tail is long, and that there is great potential with these sorts of products, but we are a very, very long way from getting to the stage where Microsoft Office is going to be knocked off its perch, after all, how many people out there even know what Web 2.0 is? Anyone for Ajax? Are Corporate buyers going to start using Google Office….I don’t think think so, after all, they could be using Open Office now for free, and they aren’t (which is rather stupid really give how great it is).

So enough with the hype already people. Take a couple of Panadols and have a nice lie down.