Enough Is Enough

March 7, 2010 — 3 Comments

Despite the Indian Media, local Indian representatives, and even family members calling racism this week, guess what.

The tragic death of the 3 yr old child (and I don’t give a shit what colour his is, he’s 3) came about due to an Indian national in the house.

Yeah, terrible racism again Indian media. And Indian student association head.

Enough is enough.

I don’t doubt that a very small number of attacks here might have been racially motivated. But I’m sick and tired of the whole racist meme, when most attacks weren’t.

And low and behold, like the last murder, the murder was within the Indian community.

Where’s the apologies Indian media. Where’s the apologies Indian community reps on ABC radio who called racism?

Here’s the important thing: he lived in the same house as the kid who died. That kid never disappeared, the guy took him, and I’d hope the others in the house are charged because given the “screaming” there is NO way the rest didn’t know.