Even Jasmin wouldn’t marry David Tench

August 18, 2006

david tenchIs it just me or does David Tench Tonight completely and utterly suck? One can’t help than think that Channel Ten has outdone itself in the crap stakes…I thought Jasmins Getting Married was bad, this has got to be the single worst television show I have ever watched on TV in Australia. I lasted maybe 4-5 minutes into the program…the puppet/ computer animation, what ever the f*ck David Tench is suppose to be, chuckling away at his own lame jokes in his interview with Pat Rafter was Cringe TV with a Capital C. It really says something for my liking really that I actually found Australian Celebrity Survivor a far better watch last night than David Tench…but maybe it’s just me.



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  1. Damn. I actually liked it 🙂

  2. Damn, hit submit too soon.

    I thought the show wasn’t too bad, he had Pat Rafter in tears with laughter didn’t he? I’m a big rove fan so I guess if you compare the two .. Tench sucks. HOWEVER, it wasn’t “bad”. 🙂

    Got a question though .. how the heck do they do the animation in real time like that?

  3. Not Jasmin, it was Yasmin. If anyone cares.
    Me neither.


  4. how can you bag out Tench and then admit you watched `4-5 minutes’ of it?
    If you had half a sense of humour you would have laughed your arse off, it was gold.

  5. Cringe worthy more like it.
    Jamsi, I honestly don’t believe Pat Rafter was in stiches, what I saw was Pat Rafter trying to laugh along with the jokes, but if they were legitimate laughs, Pat Rafter is made out of wood 🙂
    And Kane, I did flick back across during ad breaks, no better I’m afraid. David Tench chuckling at his own pathetic humour, particularly the bizarre references to his private life…god, I think he even makes Rove look good 🙂

  6. I didn’t think a show worse than the wedge could be made. but then came david tench, chanel 10 really suck now.

  7. I agree. I hate things that are in any way different to the right-wing conservative norm of Australian television. Who do they think they are experimenting with something different? 4-5 minutes. I saw 2 seconds of the opening credits and threw my television through the window. I like everything dumb and predictable, just like me.

  8. oh my god – you are soo right – David Tench is totally lame! Not eve funny at all. The teleprompters are probably holding up the “laugh” signs!!
    Good call Duncan!

  9. Hey guys,

    I was actually in the audiance today (Fox Studio’s, sydney) and was an interesting experiance. I’m going to be honest now, it wasn’t that funny .. – he just seems to be reading a script and he always waits for the celebrity to finish so he can fire off his next question.

    Today he interviewed Tony Colette and Angry Anderson which was pretty cool. I think it’ll be aired next week.

    It was funny watching the celebs talk to a projecter screen 🙂

  10. Kiwisitagee and Jamsi,
    you’ve both got the jump on me because its not on for another 20 minutes here as I type this (and then it’s pot luck…my Channel 10 Perth reception is pretty poor tonight, its what you get when you live 200kms south of the tower :-).

    Firstly I’m surprised that he’s actually there, and it’s a live studio audience, I would have though that it was voice and Tench superimposed after the recording…aint technology amazing! As for the canned laughter (ie Clap now signs) it’s what it sounded like to me… the clapping was way to predictable, which is why I’m surprised it was a studio audience, I would have sworn it was a laugh track. As for the script stuff, no surprise, it seemed to me during that Pat Rafter interview that he was reading a script: it (tench) wasn’t responsive to what Rafter said, aside from maybe a couple of scripted responses…and it’s why I didn’t like the interview, it didn’t flow naturally.

  11. DavidTenchSucks August 25, 2006 at 6:14 am

    I cannot believe how bad this show is. Apparently it was Andrew Dentons idea, he needs to be shot… that is seriously the worse idea for a tv ever.

    Your right! wedge is bad, yasmins getting married is worse, but still tench tops the list

  12. No way, Tench is better than those two 🙂

    Duncan, you don’t see Tench. He’s hidden away somewhere with senses attached to his face and arms and stuff.

    Actually there were about 4 or 5 AnimalLogic guys in the audiance who manage the software that allows tench to appear in realtime or whatever.

    And no .. there was no clap now signs. You were however, encouraged strongly to laugh really loud. By the way, there’s only like 15 people in the audiance …

  13. Uhhh… how does David Tench work? Like, is the whole thing scripted because otherwise how would they animate him to correspond with the conversation?

    The whole show is ultra lame anyway, I couldn’t watch it for more than 2 minutes…

    >>Marry me Myf Warhurst!

  14. err….Just watched the interview Tench had with MArk Holden….it has got to be the most pathetic piece of crap i have ever seen on television in my life.
    i don’t know if it was just me but i have the feeling the channel 10 producers were holding a gun to Holdens head cause he seemed to laugh til insanity whenever Tench opened his mouth….even when Tench called him a….err…doodle.
    even when tench announced they were taking an add break Holden laughed…well actually its the only part of the show that i came even close to laughing about. this show won’t last much longer…hopefully

  15. Hehe…don’t kill me…I quite like it!!!!
    I am a 3D animator and wish I lived in Sydney (NOT!!!) just so I could go and see the setup and tech that makes Tench possible.

  16. i think tench is great. andrew denton is a very clever man!! tench asks great questions and dosent suck up to the stars like rove does! I loved the comment about lleyton hewitt being a knob!!



  19. Worst. Show. Ever.

  20. Tench is a brilliant innovation – you come up with something like that before throwing stones – yes and I agree, heck if you don’t like it turn off your darn TV!!!!
    Funny, brilliant idea and refreshing viewing.

  21. Tench sucks, Sooz, you’re obviously an idiot. He is so lame and stupid. Nick Lachey was like “what is this?”. TENCH = SUX

  22. Well Jolly Wolly, I understand why a lot of people think it sux…I’m not saying the character itself is brilliant – there is a lot of room for tweeking/improvement..but I do think that the concept/innovation is brilliant..let’s see what happens…A lot of people thought Jim Henson was out of his mind when he first started too…cheers. sooz.

  23. one of the best shows on tv.
    cracks me up every time.

  24. PS woolly Jolly Wally – thanks for calling me an idiot – I love it when people hide behind the mask of anonymity to freely hurl rubbish at others…what a guy…I hope it makes you feel big..you obviously need it.

  25. Weeeellll…. I do believe we were RIPPED OFF !!! We’ve had a TV Show going in Mount Gambier on Channel 37… that is 2x Toons hosting a Motorsport Show! We Rule… David Tench SUX… You need to see our show guys. Thursday Nights @ 7:00pm & repeated throughout the week. Wicked.

  26. Yeeah, you tell ’em Bob :-D))))

  27. absolutley shocking, I did like the promotion adds that were on before it started but i can safely say it is the most un-funny show ive ever seen

  28. The really sad bit is that the actor behind Tench is bloody brilliant. He obviously doesn’t have any creative control, cos otherwise the show would be good.

  29. i dont know who said david tench wasnt’ a suck up, i think hes the biggest ass kisser on tv. but then he has the nerve to insult ppl when theyre not even around? yeah real entertaining. this show is about as low as u can get. i cant WAIT for it to be cancelled. tench doesnt even care what the person interviewee says, hes all about reading off scripted jokes. its just lame