Fred Wilson Can Kiss My Ass As Well

June 17, 2007

Fred Wilson thinks nothing good comes from people over 30, that only kiddies can produce great Web 2.0 companies. Fred Wilson can kiss my ass.

Hey, perhaps black people can’t produce good Web 2.0 startups as well Fred? Oh, forgot, discrimination on the basis of race is outlawed, obviously age discrimination is the United States isn’t…or is it? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the next 30+ entrepreneur sued Fred when he turned them down because OMG they might be married, have a kid or two or even worse still, have the odd gray hair.

When I look back on my past my life after 30 has been my most productive years. From 20-30 I was lost, had one job after another trying to find something that worked for me. I made a pile of mistakes, and the worst was teaming with self obsessed hypocritical c’s. 30 wasn’t much better, the excesses of youth combined with a moral dilemma that pushed me to the brink. 31 has been much better, free of the shackles of selling my soul for the holy dollar I’ve been more productive and have more on the go that I’ve ever had before, and am now more happy than I’ve ever been.

Dave Winer says it well: I did it anyway. At 29 I became obsessed with the notion that you have to do it by 30, at 31 I know that it’s a complete crock of shite. There are no shortage of examples of companies founded by 30, 40 and even 50 year olds. Kids can be creative, but common sense and experience comes with age. Wine improves with age, people do as well.

12 responses to Fred Wilson Can Kiss My Ass As Well

  1. Well said Duncan.

  2. Very well said Duncan.

    As I’m in my mid-30’s I can attest to the fact (well in my situation) that my 20’s where wasted (but a fun time).

    Now with a bit of life/work/business experience, I’m doing more now than ever before (in fact, I believe age gives you more clarity and better guidance for where you’re going) – so I don’t know where this guy Fred is coming from.

  3. Looks like Fred has some puckering to do considering I told him to do the same thing… anyone else?


  4. Did you HAVE to mention the gray hair?! ARGH.

    At least you’re not a washed up WOMAN in her mid-30’s. That’s apparently even worse. 😉

    For anyone who is aghast at my comment, I’m a woman. 😛

  5. Hrm. I’d love to see some real data.. One thing that probably skews the numbers dramatically is that younger folks start more “companies”. As we get older, we generally accumulate life-overhead (mortgages, debt, children, student loans, etc., etc). There are VERY few of us 30+ year olds that have the luxury to forgo a paycheck for year (or even a few months– the number of people who live hand-to-mouth in the US is staggering).

    On the balance, college kids have tons of time on their hands and very few time and money commitments…

    The numbers that matter are “For every 100

  6. Totally Agree!

    @Tony, agree too. Thats the core the distinct lack of life-overhead. With that you can do a startup on a shoestring. Anyone with the skills can do a startup you just need time. Most of the apps for the Startups are written in peoples spare time say 20 hours a week. I don’t have 20 hours of spare time… It is only this time poor nature of the older generation that stops us. Nothing else. We get the internet, we where there at the beginning.

  7. I figure we all get a little wiser as we get older. Obviously Fred Wilson doesnt.

  8. Wow naval gazing on a whole new level, get over it mr behindthetimes – blogging is passe’ and people who rant about the fact that they are just as adequet as “young folk” are obviously past it – well past it !
    Ok so my remedy is – no more starin at your own belly button fluff
    and take your sanatogen pills more regularly the older u get dude
    !g !+ !!!!!

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