Gabriella Cilmi seemingly drunk, but the media says nothing

October 20, 2008

I’ve actually got no issue with a 17 year old being drunk, despite others having moral issues, and there being a legal aspect to it, but why hasn’t one Australian media outlet mentioned that every time Gabriella Cilmi got up on stage at the ARIA music awards last night, she was progressively more and more off her face.

If she wasn’t drunk, and that’s a possibility, then well….OMG 🙂

Video of one acceptance speech below. She’s not a brilliant speaker at the best of times, but there’s a distinct difference between previous pieces on camera. I can’t embed it, but here is an interview she did for Video Hits. No slurring of words 🙂

12 responses to Gabriella Cilmi seemingly drunk, but the media says nothing

  1. I think she might just be a really bad public speaker, and her inexperience is blaringly obvious. I didn't see much difference between the two videos you have posted here, other than she was talking louder at the Arias.

  2. She was definitely drunk. It was just embaressing to watch. Even before she was drunk though, it was bad. It felt like it was no big deal to her?

  3. worst speech in the history of speeches…

  4. I was working there all day and am fairly sure she wasn't drinking, and just speaks like most teenage girls. She had a lot of family and friends with her and minders, and I doubt they would have let her drink. Every one of her speeches sounded exactly like that, I think she just looks dishevelled in this because it was right after she performed.

  5. I totally agree I reckon she was drunk. I felt embarressed for her. :S

  6. She was off her tree. I find it quite interesting that the media isn't saying anything. They're happy to slag off any random fifteen year old and call it an underage drinking scandal, but no one is game to call Channel Ten's precious protoge drunk when it was clear that she was?? Not cool, Australian media.

    Kids drink. Even famous ones. Hell, especially famous ones.

  7. Yes especially famous ones. The get to do whatever they please. Either way, I probably wouldn't want to be on television accepting an award unless I was completely plowed.

  8. Hello Where can i find a video of her speeche?

  9. Hello Where can i find a video of her speeche?

  10. Hello Where can i find a video of her speeche?

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