Happy 13th Birthday Declan James Riley

August 14, 2015 — Leave a comment


Another year and this year you’re a teenager.

I can still remember when you were so small, the first time I held you in my arms, the first time I bathed you.

You’ve grown so big, and yet I’m going to miss most of it.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but some 4 years on when it comes to you, time never flies, and I continue to count each day until I am able to see you once again and tell you in person how much your father loves you, and has always loved you.

There’s 1,826 days to go until I can see you again today, be it put more simply 5 years flat.

The things I would have loved to have shared with you in the coming 5 years I will never get to, things such as a love of good philosophy, the works of John Stuart Mill, and appreciation of the lessons that history teaches us in avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Always remember those good days when your father took you to school and picked you up, where now your nanny does. When your father made your favourite pizza and cooked meals for you every night, where now your nanny cooks you food. Remember that despite the lies said, I always tried to be there for you every day where others in your new family are unable to, and today I’m not legally allowed to be…

I’m not religious, but should you choose to be I will support you in that, as any father would their child, but as much as I hate to use a Bible quote, it’s one I want you to think about always as you grow older and you reflect on your childhood and the fact your father wasn’t allowed to be there for half of it:

John 8:32: the truth shall set you free

Embrace thinking for yourself as you grow older Declan, question everything and everyone, take nothing sold, pitched or lied to you about without giving it independent thought, and unlike when I was your age, you’ve got Google on your side where all I had was a library; you’re half me Dec, surely some of those genes will be in there somewhere.

Until 14 August 2020 in person, or whenever next your mother grows a sympathetic bone and allows you to talk to me on Skye again next.




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