How To Change Yahoo To Google In Flock

December 6, 2007 — 7 Comments

I love the Flock browser, 99.9% because of its stability, the social networking stuff is a bonus; but the one thing that has continued to annoy me about Flock is the use of Yahoo when you type something into the URL box (as opposed to the search box, which is easy to change).

Someone on Twitter today (apologies to that person, I forget who it was) pointed me to the following instructions that allow you to change the default URL search from Yahoo to Google I feel lucky, the default position of Firefox. If you’re not sure what I mean type a site you’re looking for into the URL box in Firefox, for example if I typed in “Google Translate” in FF it would take me straight to Google Translate, in the default of Flock it would take me to a Yahoo search page which is annoying; it sounds like a small thing but for stuff like translate I used the URL box in this fashion.

Here’s the trick, via Simple Thoughts, a site I haven’t visited in ages; nice to see it’s still going.

1. Type about:config in the Flock URL box and press Enter
2. Type keyword in Filter textbox and you will see only the preference keyword.URL.
3. Double-click on keyword.URL and change the value to: