How to kill your blog? Don’t kill it at all

June 7, 2006 — 1 Comment

Darren has a post over at Problogger on how to kill your blog. Personally I don’t believe in killing blogs these days at all. Two reasons:

1. Although you might not be posting to it anymore you could still be getting traffic (say from Google) and this traffic can still equal revenue.

2. You can always sell your blog on eBay or somewhere like Sitepoint. I’ve sold a number of blogs I didn’t want to keep any more on Sitepoint. These were blogs on topics I wasn’t interested in any more, or where originally set up as a bit of experiment to see how they’d work. I got reasonable financial returns for all of them, and I know the work I did is now going to live on in someone elses hands.

So here’s my advice: ignore Darren, never kill a blog. Do a Jason Calacanis/ Weblogs Inc style play and leave them up (ever wonder why Jason Calacanis doesn’t kill old blogs…it’s because he knows they still bring in revenue), or flog them off, after all, wouldn’t you rather have $100, $200 or even more for your blog then just deleting your hard work?