Is today the day I stop using Google?

September 8, 2006

For some reason Google keeps defaulting today to the Google personalised home page, not Google search, even when I type in It’s frustrating. It’s trying to force me to use a service I don’t want to use, but what’s worse is that is ridiculously slow to load in comparison to the normal Google front page. If I get much more of this it will be a matter very shortly of Yahoo here I come. Is it just me, or is this something Google’s doing to others?

5 responses to Is today the day I stop using Google?

  1. I haven’t turned on personalized search, so I am not having this problem.

    Have you tried yet?

  2. Mine’s working fun Duncan. No idea what’s wrong with yours.

  3. Err I can’t spell. fun = fine. Google is working fine for me.

  4. I believe that happened to me once .. I thought some spyware got me and I was permanently on some referal site page or something (there was a new question mark in the URL). I recall finding some link to “logout” in the top right corner. Spyware removal didn’t help.

  5. Hi,
    I guess you’d better stop using your browser than…

    Why don’t you use the search field that is built in Opera or Firefox (khm, or Safari). You don’t have to bother downloading the google homepage than. (Google toolbar is a solution as well).