Justice Kirby’s MySpace page a Fraud…really?

January 7, 2007 — 2 Comments

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the fake MySpace page authored under the name of leading Australian High Court Activist Judge Michael Kirby. I wonder what gave it away? Was it the “I’m a Pimp” headline?, or the friends list?. The really hilarious thing is the quote from the the MySpace people.

The case, which MySpace Australia said could be the first confirmed instance of identity fraud on the site, underlines the unreliability of much of the internet’s so-called “citizen journalism”.

OK. Lets take a look at Justice Kirby’s friends and commenters list. Ronald McDonald is a friend. Must be the real Ronald McDonald. Leaving comments include Great Garbo, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Papa Pio XII, King Louis XVI, Friedrich W. Nietzsche and my favourite Joseph Stalin…. and yet the Kirby MySpace page is apparently a world first!

Of course any good conspiracy theory isn’t complete without Right Wing Extremists, the report stating that “the online profile, which is accessible without a password…contains links to an American right-wing extremist group”. Um yeh, in the comments section which virtually anyone can say as they please!

Another great unresearched, alarmist hatchet job from the Australian MSM.