Kimberly Williams: some sheila’s never give up

September 2, 2006

More funny stuff in relation to Kimberly Williams of the Boston School of Electrolysis over at Greywolf today here. This sheila never seems to give up, from SEOMoz to Greywolf and who knows where else next, she’s like the energizer bunny on crack, with ridiculous legal threats against half the SEO community. Obviously someone never learned the fable about how digging deeper into a hole doesn’t get you out of it 🙂


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4 responses to Kimberly Williams: some sheila’s never give up

  1. The only problem here Duncan is that after reading through it all this person is clearly not 100% stable.

    And take away the sideshow (hers and the seo blogs involved) she has a point in that some of her stuff was scraped and the scraper has gleefully admitted it.

    Any other time, I’d take my pot shots (at both sides) but we’re not playing fair here. To ridicule someone with obvious problems makes me feel uneasy.

    BTW, WTF is SEOmoz doing in bed with black hatters?

  2. Fair call Martin, but having personal issues doesn’t excuse the harassment a lot of people seem to be getting from this person. Sure, she got scraped, but pointing the finger at the wrong people (the hairfacts crowd for example) isn’t playing nice at all. Sending C&Ds and phoning people up for the only crime of linking to her site or using her name, or business name in a story isn’t on either. As I said, it’s a hole she continues to dig. Indeed I wonder how she finds time to run her business given the amount of vile she sends out 🙂

  3. I hear ya, Duncan …

    Just by her actions should send out strong signals that She’s Not Qute Right, so she may not even be able to control herself, who knows. I’m sure all the authorities she’s been complaining to would figure that out. Well you’d hope so.

    Have you seen her terms on her website? Shit, that’s gotta tell you something … one of the most strangest things I’ve read 😉

    She didn’t even understand the “catchall” email ways they’ve tried to expalin to her and what she hangs her hat on.

    Either she’s stupid or crazy , or … both.

    But then I’m not the one she’s going after – so who knows how I’d react. I’d probably be less forgiving and go full on after her. Actually, I’m sure I would. But my first reaction upon reading it all is that she’s serisouly messed up and needs help.