Lets start a new Australian list

April 20, 2007 — 10 Comments

WARNING: SEVERE LANGUAGE AHEAD. If you don’t like this sort of language, well… you know what 🙂

Catallaxy, a blog I’ve never heard of before, but apparently ranks in the 30000’s at Technorati (yes folks, spam blogs rate higher there), partakes in some good ol’ fashioned tall poppy bashing, following on from Meg’s great Australian Top 100 blogs list, this time saying that Tim Blair should be Australia’s top blogger over the other chap who is, on the basis that Blair has 4000 more page views a day. That, and that they should be higher up the list as well.

Is it just me, or is something a little small, perhaps in their pants?

Give me a break. Not taking away from Tim Blair here, he has a strong following in the political blogosphere, particularly in Australia, but page views mean diddly squat in the age of RSS feeds and influence. The other blog has in excess of 22,000 subscribed readers alone, and I know that as a subscriber (still, personal issues aside it’s still occasionally a good read…god that hurts 🙂 ) I very rarely ever visit the site, if at all, and yet I READ IT EVERY DAY. It’s the conundrum of providing a full feed, your readers may never visit the site so your page stats NEVER reflect your influence or readership…indeed no where close.

But I think, being Friday, that we should start a new list, the

OMG I have a small penis, pack of jealous, petty Australian c*nts list.

1. Catallaxy.

I’m sure the folks who write this unknown blog, who probably just got the biggest link here they’ve ever got, will sleep better tonight knowing that they’ve topped a list. The rest of us, who are too busy getting on with things, who care more about our readers instead of lists, will continue to do what we always do, write for an international audience who use Alexa and like to link to us 🙂