Lost in moving

March 6, 2006

I’m still here…I think, although this site is still not always showing from my end after the host move. Apologies to regular readers, I’m slowly worknig on it, although one word of advice: me and cPanel don’t mix very well it would seem 🙂

5 responses to Lost in moving

  1. So far its worked alright when i visit. every time it doesn’t i email you something annoying. don’t tell anyone i commented over here i might get a warning in the mail from the blog comment police.

  2. It was down for over a day here in England, Duncan. But it’s OK now. BTW, apart from one 4-hour outage, I’ve never had any problems with Site5.

  3. Aaron
    I think it was more to do with the new dns settings as opposed to the move, webnx spent 45 minutes with me in support chat though, first class people