Macs are a crashing all over the place!

August 16, 2006

What would you rather, a Windows PC that runs for weeks without crashing (like mine do, indeed I’ve not rebooted my XP MCE PVR box for about 6 weeks now, and that then was only because of a critical systems update), or a Mac that crashes every other day?

Lets ask some high profile Mac users, like Dave Winer: “Good question. The answer is that computers crash, even Macs. In my experience, they [Macs] crash more than Windows machines.”, or even Robert Scoble:”Last week on the way home from Montana Ryanne was editing her video on her Mac. The app just suddenly disappeared from screen. In my book that?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?¢‚Äû¬¢s called a crash. I found that to be very strange cause the hype on Macs is that they never crash. But, those commercials are so strong. The hype is so strong.”

Now sure, PC’s aren’t perfect, particularly when you run Thunderbird on them, but’s it’s just nice to sit here and watch Mac users noting that the hype isn’t all its cracked up to be 🙂


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5 responses to Macs are a crashing all over the place!

  1. Mine crashed recently on an update but all is well now and it’s been well worth the hassle.

  2. watching and recording TV, playing DVD’s, The Classic arcade version of Outrun via the Mame interface, Weather Updates, streaming radio (club977 is my favourite channel), streaming video…to name but a few 🙂

  3. Man thanks for telling me, my fiance and i was thinking of getting a mac built on intel technology. She just wanted a MAC, me personally I wanted it so I could triple boot OS X, Windows, and Linux.

  4. There is something very wrong with your mac if it is even crashing once a week. This sounds like RAM that is not quite up to spec, or a bad OS installation. RAM is my first guess. OSX is extremely picky about RAM. Also, RAM that is worked fine for years can be out of spec following a firmware upgrade. Twice a year is excessive crashing for OSX.

    Example: I have a client with a sign shop that uses plotters that requires Windows. I set up an old Mac to handle all his internet access to keep is work PCs clean. This is a 11 year old Mac with a processor upgrade and max RAM. OSX is not supported on this by a long shot. This Mac has been going 24/7 for three years and went down once last summer when the PRAM battery died. Ten dollar battery and four minutes to replace it almost a year ago. The old mac runs OSX 10.3.9.

    Not all Macs are going to get the service I mentioned above but no Mac should crash more than once a month.

  5. One more thing. Dave Winer and Mr. Scoble are writers. Scoble seems a bit of a light weight even at writing. Dave seems very knowledgeable and what he said about Macs crashing is true; But I find it more than a stretch to say XP is more stable than the Mac. These are both good OSs but I find OSX takes less knowhow to keep it running well.