Monday Morning

September 18, 2006

Monday morning sucks, and yet it’s good all at the same time.

There’s usually nothing much good to read in my Bloglines subscriptions, and that sucks, because it’s still Sunday night in the States.

But the fact that I’ve got nothing much to read is actually a good thing because it frees up time to do other things, like to write posts about Monday Morning because there isn’t much else to write about this morning.

Conversely Saturday morning sucks as well. Its Friday night in the States and the blogosphere is always busy on a Friday, and yet I don’t work full time on the weekend. It’s family time. It’s time for she who must be obeyed to force me to clean the house…and she has to force me, I despise cleaning. Perhaps one day I’ll be rich and famous, or even have a regular income again, and I’ll be able to get a cleaner in. We use to have cleaner come in once a week to do all the stuff I hate doing, like mopping the floors, scrubbing the toilets etc.., and then I went into the full time blogging game and we had to discontinue the service, it wasn’t economically sound to keep her on. Touch wood that this might change again in the future.

4 responses to Monday Morning

  1. Not sure if your wife works or not, but I remember when I lived at home while I was at uni and my mum would leave me a long list of jobs to do when I was at home studying for exams. I think it is hard for people to understand that working at home means you need to put in time at the computer and does not mean you have the time to be cleaning the house.

  2. Mike
    you have no idea how true that is. I’m working from home so therefore I’ve got all the time in the world to clean the house and run chores etc…(not), but that’s what people think, including the better half 🙂