My Christmas wish: that people would either abandon Feedburner or pressure them to get it to play nicely with Bloglines

December 21, 2006

Another day, the same Chadstone foodcourt. With she who must be obeyed and the golden child catching a movie at Chaddy I’ve got some time to catch up on some reading. And what do I find? Refreshing bloody feeds. Not all of them, just the ones from people using Feedburner. Every single one of them. Again. Even Steve Rubel’s feed, which rather famously was supposed to have been fixed earlier this year is showing stuff I read yesterday. There may be Christmas cheer all around, and I can literally here the sound of the cash registers turning over as I type this, but once again Feedburner f*cks up my day. I’d name some of the other sites with this issue, sites that have been refreshing and refreshing over and over and over again for months, but at least in with some of the sites I’m not legally able to do so at this stage. So I have a Christmas Wish: that people using Feedburner would stop doing so, or alternatively they pressure Feedburner to finally fixing, once and for all, the issue their feeds have with Bloglines. And before some one suggests that I should change from Bloglines, I’ve got no intention of changing. ALL of the non-feedburner feeds work fine, it’s only ever sites using feedburner ALL THE TIME!!!!! Surely I’m not the only person suffering with the same issue?



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