Oh god! MyBlogLog is forcing Yahoo! ID’s as well.

February 1, 2007

Just when I was forced to have a Yahoo! ID with Flickr, MyBlogLog, newly acquired by Yahoo! is following suite. GRRRRRRRRRRR x 999999999.

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3 responses to Oh god! MyBlogLog is forcing Yahoo! ID’s as well.

  1. Hi Duncan, We had Eric blog the info again so that no one will be surprised when it happens. It’s been said publicly before but reinforcement will let us work out the issues with people (including you) up front, instead of when the entire process is already set in stone.

    The MyBlogLog team itself is pretty darn happy about it, actually. There’s all sorts of fun projects we can do with other Yahoo properties once we make the changeover. Due to the nature of our system, we’re much, much more aggressive about integrating with existing Yahoo! properties than Flickr or Delicious have been.

    Are there ways of integrating with other parts of Y! that would tip the scales for you? Anything we can do to make the tradeoff a positive one for you as an individual?

  2. Since you mentioned that you can not get back into blog networks, why don’t you create a flickr alternative. 🙂 You have a following in the “blogosphere”. Maybe you can do what agloco does! Here is what I mean, first creat your flickr alternative, add some mybloglog flavor to it, then give shares away for getting people to sign up. Next monetize it, preferably without adsense, but with advertisers you can get directly.

    Just a thought, and you are probably wondering why in the world wouldn’t create this myself. Well to tell you the truth I have no idea how to go about doing it. I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination.

    I have a ton of web 2.0 ideas, and do not know how to get them going. Oh well maybe I should take a class or two to learn for myself.

    At any rate good luck with the id’s because I found neither one of those services usable for my purposes here on the internet.

  3. Came here to comment something like “oh man they did it again I hated it when they did it with Flickr and asked to separate my accounts but then they’re merging them for good” but now that I think about it, I can only hope for the best. MyBlogLog could use a better UI—with Yahoo’s influence, perhaps?