OK, enough summer now!

January 7, 2006

Everyone I now in the local community spent December whinging about how Summer hadn’t come yet and how cold it was, and apparently the South West of Western Australia experienced its Coldest December on record, but now its January and its 33 deg celcius in my office and the humidity is exceptionally high for this part of the world at 60%, although its probably not that humid outside, my sweat is probably making it more humid in the office 🙂 Enought summer now…..please 🙂 scary thing is the worst is yet to come. That’s February for those outside of WA, where we get those delightful 40 degree days.

5 responses to OK, enough summer now!

  1. At least you get some relief in the form of the Freemantle Doctor – no such luck somewhere like Adelaide.

  2. I’m 200km South of Freo, no seabreeze here…unfortunately.

  3. Well, I’d swap with you, Duncan. It’s 0 degs here are present and will be all week. Intensely cold for Devon. I’m wearing a padded housecoat even with the heating full on. You lucky beggar!

    I remember the Fremantle Doctor well enough, Sim’. Yes, it was a relief at around 2pm. I can also remember 18 degs forecast almost every day during “winter”. I grant you it feels cold there, but that’s the average for summer here.

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