OK, so Feedburner is pretty cool

August 30, 2006 — 5 Comments

I’ve always had issues with Feedburner in the past, mainly on the basis that you’ve got to give up control of your feed to use the service. Here in lala land (TM) we’ve got our hands on the top notch, whole kit and kaboodle version of Feedburner, the one that you get to host on your own URL, although at the time of writing we seem to have URLs in two spots (but that’s another story). Obviously I’ve never had this full functionality before, and got to say it’s pretty cool…ok, probably more than pretty cool.

Just added an image and description to my feed. Cool.

Getting cool stats like this (for duncanriley.com), note that these stats seem to be going up daily for all our blogs, I think it takes maybe a week or so of updates to get to the true figure, but it’s still cool:


Lots of other coolness there as well, half of which I’m not exactly sure what it does so I’m hesitant to turn it on.

Lot’s of fun. Great service. I still think the verdict is still out though whether it actually makes any difference at all in terms of blog readership, but I’ll leave that argument to a later day 🙂