Optus iPhone Getting Closer

July 19, 2007

TUAW has the latest on the quest to unlock the iPhone; apparently it will now work with pre-paid AT&T/ Cingular phone cards.

I’ll be in the States this time next week, and I’m seriously considering buying an iPhone, but the difference between dreaming and buying is still the ability to use it when I get home again…well to be more clear the ability to insert my Optus simcard in it and be able to make calls (AT&T global roaming rates are even worse than Optus’ rates so AT&T isn’t really a good option for me). Of course I could just use it as a glorified iPod, but I already own one of those. Hopefully some one will crack it in the next week, here’s crossing my fingers anyway 🙂

3 responses to Optus iPhone Getting Closer

  1. Awe c’mon Duncan.
    Let me enjoy being the “early adopter” for once and fork out for a Blackberry.
    From what I read some of the browsing capabilities of the iphone don’t cut it anyway.

  2. I read somewhere (maybe Techcrunch? 😉 ) that Apple was going to make a 3g version of the iPhone for europe, which we’d probably end up getting here downunder, too. Why not wait for that one – at least the data rates will be faster!

    But yes, it would require an as yet undefined amount of patience, which (when it comes to cool gadgets) at least i’m not known to have 🙂

  3. Sounds great Duncan. You’ll need to post what your experience is when you return to Oz and give the Optus SIM card a go. I travel to the states a couple of times a year, and woz thinking of doing the same. If it doesn’t work, then worst case scenario is you’ve got a new iPod and will never tire from flipping the bastard from portrait to landscape to see the UI switch itself. Pure eye candy.