Qantas caught in Flight Tracker

February 26, 2007

Scoble points to a newish US based flight tracking service My first thoughts were: why bother checking the site out, most US based sites don’t track Australian flights. I was wrong, not only do they track Australian flights, they also compile historical data on flight times and rate it. In my experience Qantas has a terrible track record in flying just about anywhere on time, but having said that most of that experience is out of Perth Airport. Virgin Blue on the other hand in my own experience has been brilliant, indeed it’s the only airline I’ve ever flown where the flight took off early! Yep, they actually went around the terminal in the very early days when they had 1 flight a day ex-Perth and would tell everyone that if they got on the plane quickly enough, they’d take off early…that one flight left 15 minutes early 🙂

But I digress some what, because my belief in Qantas’ tardiness is proved by the site, this stat for QF 580 Perth to Sydney:


Things look a little better for Qantas looking at all their flights ex-Perth to Sydney, but it’s still not a performance that’s acceptable, indeed Sydney commuters complain about their trains running late at percentages higher than this:


Digging deeper it looks like Qantas has a lot of problems out of Perth, these stats show Perth-Melbourne at 70% on time. Sydney-Los Angeles is only 68%.

Worth a look.

One response to Qantas caught in Flight Tracker

  1. Duncan, glad you found the data you were after. If you ever get caught mid-trip, you can also use the mobile version of the flight tracking tools: Cheers.