Real Estate Development Agreement Template

October 4, 2021

Before the concrete is mixed or the hammers start to swing, have the terms of your project pinned into a real estate development contract. The development of real estate – commercial or residential – is necessarily complex. If you own a property ready to be built, the Real Estate Development Agreement is often your base. You have the know-how to make that dream home or brilliant office buildings a reality. It`s time to fill out some paperwork. We will guide you through the steps you need to enter into a real estate development agreement. You will probably need to obtain city permits and negotiate with the contractor. If you`re a property owner, a real estate development contract will help you design everything you need to hire a developer. If you`re a developer, you need a plan before you start working. CHARLES COMMUNITY, LLC Law Firm: Emrich Lubeley, P.C; Chapman, Bowling Scott, P.A.

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