So I Left TechCrunch Today

May 6, 2008 — 33 Comments

More here. Some really nice words from Michael.

The thing that’s surprised me about this is it didn’t leak in a month. Probably helps that I didn’t tell all but a few people, but it’s cool knowing that in the age of uber-gossip it never leaked.

The video below covers more (serious NSFW language warning…I no longer have to watch my f*cks quite so much). The key points: 1. I want my weekends back (although it wont happen for sometime, but at least I have control over that aspect 2. I’m a little tired (the whole Louis Gray thing being case in point) 3. I feel that if I’m going to kill myself doing this (blogging) it should be building something I own or have a stake in.

The other news is that I’ve soft launched the new site The Inquisitr. More details here. It still needs some tweaking and I wont be going hell for leather posting until the morning (still clearing up some TC stuff…and I need some beer 🙂 ). It goes without saying that I’m excited about it, and I believe the mix of tech, pop and funny stuff is pretty unique. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll have more to say on that in the coming weeks.

My thanks to all those people who sent well wishes across when the news broke. I’m stoked and humbled by the response.