Something rotten with Google Maps for Sydney

February 27, 2007

Check out this shot from Google Maps of the Southern part of the Sydney CBD:


Notice in particular the angle of the buildings at the top of the shot to the buildings and the bottom half…yes, it would appear from the shot that buildings in Sydney eat each other.

It gets worse. This shot from further North in the Sydney CBD. The MLC building is bottom left of screen, Chifley Square (where I use to work in 95, just after it opened) is top right. The MLC Center is scaled top to bottom of screen, the buildings to the right between Phillip Street and Macquarie Street (didn’t need the map overlay for that, my memory is still good 🙂 ) are bottom to top of screen: WTF?


Moving across town it gets better. The very first building I ever worked full time in, in Sydney, Australia Square looks like it’s going to fall! OMG!


Thankfully it’s leaning South. The Australian Stock Exchange use to be based directly North of Australia Square at 20 Bond Street, below what was then the home of the millionaire factory, Macquarie Bank.

Anyone have any ideas why half the buildings in Sydney are leaning one way where as the rest are leaning the opposite? Is this a distortion in space time perhaps, particularly given it would appear nearly on a building by building basis? 🙂