Spam web sites become big business

June 14, 2006

An incredible story from

A venture-backed Waltham company that’s quietly amassed more than 650,000 Internet domain names is stepping out of stealth mode today and unveiling its plans to build a substantial Boston-area Web 2.0 business around the emerging field of “direct navigation.”

The company, called NameMedia, is being led by Kelly P. Conlin , 46, a veteran media executive who previously had been chief executive of International Data Corp. in Boston and Primemedia Inc. in New York. NameMedia has already hired 75 people in its office near Route 128 to buy, sell, and develop businesses around Internet domain names.

Yep, all those crap sites you land on with nothing but ads, and I’m not talking splogs or made for Adsense sites here, at least these guys try, I’m talking site with nothing more than ads here, have become big business, and by all accounts, if you read the article, legitimate businesses.

Sad really that these sorts of people are able to pollute the internet this way.

And wondering why it’s getting near on impossible to get a decent domain with the word “blog” in it, or related to blogging, check this page out from the same company. says that they are different to domain squatters. Bullsh*t. They’ve got, a name trademarked by Google listed for $58,000. Now like anyone I’ve bought domains I’ve not developed yet, but I don’t make a business from it, these guys do, and they are making it harder for the little guy…