Telecom New Zealand to split wholesale and retail operations, so why can’t the Australian Government do the same thing with Telstra?

June 28, 2006 — 1 Comment

The Register reports that Telecom New Zealand has announced plans to create an independent wholesale operation to promote competition in the industry.

These quotes are interesting:

If successful, rival operators should be able to get equal access to Telecom’s wholesale network, giving them greater scope to compete and invest in broadband services.

“The country expects world-class broadband services, and our decision to reorganise our business is one more step towards ensuring healthy competition exists to provide that,” incoming Telecom chairman Wayne Boyd said.

So why can’t we have the same thing here in Australia, where Telstra arguably actually has a stronger market position than Telecom New Zealand does in New Zealand? World class broadband….now that would be nice wouldn’t it…real competition on a level playing field….ahhh, my utopian visions of the Australian telecommunications market, proudly kyboshed by the Australian Government.

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