The page view is safe for now

December 2, 2006 — 1 Comment

Steve Rubel writes that the Page View is on it’s last legs, because Ajax and DHTML markup will mean that visitors to a page will no longer necessarily call a page from the server. I don’t agree. Sure, with my Web 2.0 cheer squad hat on, I get and support the idea of attention, however with my marketing trained hat on, as much as attention and not needing to load a page to view more is the future, it also lacks one critical feature: metrics. How do you start measuring attention? with page views you’ve got a tangible, a fairly universally accepted metric to use when selling inventory, or vice versa when you’re buying inventory. Page views won’t die until such time someone comes up with a universally acceptable way of measuring attention. If time the equation? possibly, and I guess one day we’ll see. Personally, despite what the Web 2.0 cheer squad might say, I’m don’t think that time is anywhere in the next year or 2.