The Seth Godin bubble is about to burst

May 10, 2006 — 6 Comments

Every one raves about Seth Godin. Personally, I’ve always thought the hype was way out of control, and as much as a lot of what he says makes sense, I’ve always thought most of it was common sense as opposed to anything ground breaking, and perhaps very well articulated, but nothing really more than this.

Seth of course, seems to lap the hype up. Instead of down playing the hype he’s allowed it to bubble, and like any bubble it’s eventually bound to burst. Techchrunch predicts that Squidoo is going to burst the Seth Godin bubble…well at least give it a rather large leak.

Of course the mettle of the man will be surely tested once Squidoo fails (as it seems it’s going to….I mean $30 is your top payment after 6 months? If we were running b5 like that no one would be working for us any more). Lets see how Seth Godin handles failure. If he pulls through and handles it with style and panache, then I might consider joining the fan club.