The WSJ called, they said it’s 2004 again.

December 21, 2006 — Leave a comment

Steve Rubel reports on Joseph Rago of the Wall Street Journal writing an Op-Ed piece stating that bloggers [are] fools that are read by imbeciles then continues that bloggers “ride along with the MSM like remora fish on the bellies of sharks, picking at the scraps.” Yikes. Some one forgot to take their happy pills this morning. It’s just like 2004, when the last holdouts from the MSM were taking ever more personal potshots at bloggers and blogging as they saw the methodology that had served their careers, established literally over hundreds of years, change before their very eyes. Indeed, in the finest tradition of insult hurling journalists, those luddites who are so weak in their prose that they are unable to construct a reasonable and well written argument without resulting to insult and vulgarity, let me respond as one blogger and blog reader who you, Mr Rago, believe to be both a fool and an imbecile:get f*cked c*nt (pardon the language, but to communicate with f*ckwit journalists it helps to curse like a drunken sailor). Neither I, nor my readers, nor the very fine men and women of Australia, the United States or the rest of world for that matter who read blogs or blog themselves are collectively either imbeciles or fools. Sure, some of them may be, the law of statistics over such a large sample group would make this a given, but simply your insults have as much validity as calling all African American’s criminals, jewish people money hungry, or Muslims terrorists. Indeed, if you’d made such generalizations about any of the 3 groups I just mentioned in the State in which I am currently visiting, you would end up in jail. In your case, one can only hope that your employers see the stupidity of your ways and show you what you should indeed be shown: the door.


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