Tips for blog applicants round 2

July 18, 2009 — 5 Comments

I’ve started shortlist candidates for our Associate Blogging positions tonight and I felt it might be time for a follow up to this post back in May.

– When the ad includes the line “The email should absolutely under NO circumstances come with an attachment. If you don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t have examples of your writing online, upload it somewhere and include the link” I’m not trying to pull your leg or take the piss: this is meant quite literally in every sense of the word. Over a dozen of the nearly 300 applications had attachments.

– I am neither a Sir or Madam. See the previous post there. I understand that old habits in regard to formality die hard, but I’m most definitely not a madam, and I’d struggle at times to count as being worth of Sir as well 🙂

– Saying you’re a fan on The Inquisitr and failing to spell Inquisitr right in the first line of your application means I didn’t read on any further.

– While I find it impressive that you may choose to attempt to impress me by writing a 1000 word application that highlights your ability to write, not getting to the point until the final paragraph or two isn’t a sound strategy…particularly when I never read the full email because it was too long

– “The email should include why you want one of these positions and why we should consider you. This is an opportunity to sell your skills and personality” is also meant literally. Saying you want the position and not explaining why we should consider you isn’t a great strategy.

Here’s the fun takeaway: I’ve only shortlisted for one position so far…so there’s a pile more to read.