Twitter dumps Australia

April 28, 2007

Via Ben Barren, Twitter is no longer supporting SMS in Australia. They’ve since updated the original post to say:

“To clarify, we’re getting a new access number for Australia?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùas soon as we get the number, sms service will be back in action. We’re working on it right now and it’s a high priority.”

But 99 million dollar question: why cut the service off before putting in place the alternative?

For the record I don’t use Twitter on my mobile, when I was the damn thing never stopped beeping, but I know a lot of people who were using it on their phones, a lot of people who little doubt will be pretty pissed about this.

2 responses to Twitter dumps Australia

  1. It’s awfully hard to get *too* mad about the ending of a free service, IMHO. If people were paying a subscription fee for Twitter I think they’d have a reason to get mad…. but since it’s free….

  2. Hey ducncan,
    Im kinda sad cause I just found out all about twitter and then foundout we have to update via UK sms lol tht kinda sucks, and it seems the service stopped in april and there hasnt been to many update son the progress of Twitter Locally… Oh well I still like the idea… Also I enjoyed reading your blog maybe I can feature you on my blogsite if ithats okay hit me back with email…