What is 9rules?

January 25, 2007 — 3 Comments

Martin Nuemann considers the quality issue at 9rules. He also suggests that 9rules is a “link farm”. I don’t agree. Sure, www.9rules.com has an amazing PR of 8 and I’ve always taken the view that it was more of a blog ring than blog network, but not a link farm, after all, if it was a link farm 9rules members would all be showing a blogroll of some/ all of the blogs in the network (which would be indicative of a link farm), they don’t. The question then becomes: what is the best way to describe the 9rules model? I’m tempted to suggest blog commune, and given Scriv’s political bent he’d probably half like that, but I thinking blog community is a much better description, after all it’s not just about the links, 9rules has always been big on community and fellowship and the site as a portal is geared towards this. Sure, you could argue for blog directory as well, but directory doesn’t encompass the social aspects: blog community just fits perfectly.