Wikipedia: the hypocrisy just keeps on growing

April 29, 2007 — 2 Comments

Nik Cubrilovic has the details @ TechCrunch: short version, despite its obsession with being non-commercial, and more recently punishing good webmasters everywhere by putting nofollow tags on the end of outgoing links, it looks like Jimbo Wales isn’t nofollowing links to his for profit Wikia sites.

I’m not sure what the total wash up is in relation to the nofollow tags, but I’ve seen a lot of big sites (and small ones, including lose pagerank in the PR update currently underway; but seriously, how is it that Wikipedia continues to be held on a dais as the pinnacle of all things good with Web 2.0 and citizen generated media when we all know that it’s nothing more than a conduit for Jimbo Wales’ commercial ambitions with Wikia? If it smells funny and links funny, then it’s usually a sign that it’s not the clean not for profit deity of Web 2.0 that everyone thinks it is.

Spot Question: how long till Wikipedia and Wikia start doing porn scantily clad pics?