You know you’ve lived in the Country to long when….

December 20, 2006 — 2 Comments

You find Melbourne traffic claustrophobic.

Actually it’s more than claustrophobic, it’s completely and utterly f*cking insane, and not in a good way.

The crowds aren’t much better either. I’m sitting here in the food court at the Chadstone Shopping Centre, great shopping…aside from the 5 million people all trying to shop all at once. It reminds me a little bit of New York…but with parking and public toilets.

The smoke haze is something else again. Victoria is suffering from bush fires, and the friendly wind god decided to blow all the smoke over Melbourne. Who needs to smoke when you can walk outside and breath the fresh air 🙂

My blogging will be a little few and far between over the next two weeks, I’m home again in the New Year, but in the mean time I’ve got no fixed internet access…which is ironic really, given I now own a laptop, where as when I traveled to Canada and the US, there was free Wifi everywhere and I didn’t have a laptop.

Seasons greetings to all in case I end up in hospital due to a crazy Victorian driver and cant find somewhere to pay $6 an hour for Wifi in the coming 2 weeks, and may all your Christmases been warm and dry ones.