A better WordPress WYSIWIG experience

May 10, 2007

Hat tip for Just Some Dot Com for letting the world in on a hidden feature in WordPress’ WYSIWIG interface.

Short story, with the write screen in WordPress open, do this:

Windows Firefox: Alt+Shift+V (Firefox)
Windows Internet Explorer: Alt+V (Internet Explorer)
Mac OS X Firefox: Ctrl+V

and you get a complete line of extra goodies:

* Text styles
* Underline
* Full paragraph alignment
* Text coloring
* Two varieties of paste (text and Word)
* Formatting removal
* Code cleanup
* Custom character insertion
* Undo/redo

I wont be using all of them, but the insert character option will come in handy. Only a hour ago I had to try and type the EURO symbol for a post, had to Google how to do it. With the insert character feature I can now do it at the click of a mouse.

7 responses to A better WordPress WYSIWIG experience

  1. Wow, thank you very much, brilliant, I’m sure I’ll use some of it!!

  2. It sounded exciting .. until I realized that I never use WYSIWYG format and write in CODE. But, I tried it on IE7 and that Alt-V didn’t seem to work for me. Oh well! Good find anyway.

  3. I’m proud I knew this trick before you! That’s probably first. 😉

    Although it doesn’t matter since we use BlogDesk, right? When I need to use characters that aren’t on my keyboard, like the ?Ǭ£ sign, I do a quick Google then copy and paste. Not the most efficient, but it works.

  4. Of course I meant to say “That’s probably A first.” Ack.

  5. All it does for me is pop open the Firefox View menu.

  6. I guess it helps to turn on the WYSIWIG interface first.

  7. Hsein
    Using WP directly with TechCrunch, BlogDesk for everything else. I still prefer Blogdesk for ease of use 🙂