Australian tragedy

November 7, 2006

chrismurphyChris Murphy was voted out of Australian Idol last night. I never thought fat jesus (as he was so-called by the Spin Starts Here..a label we’ve used at home ever since) would win (Damien Leith should win), but I thought fat jesus deserved to stay last night, and the pretty boy Christian rocker Dihn should have gone home. Probably what saddens me more is the fact that fat jesus, as far as I can remember anyway, was the first ever Australian Idol contestant to sing a Crowded House song. It’s like Gen Y have never heard of Crowded House. It’s coming up on 10 years now since their final concert, Farewell to the World, and it’s like the world has forgotten, and certainly anyone under the age of about 27 has. Sad really. I guess I’ll have to keep them as the band that defined me, and even now I enjoy their music every time I play them on my Win XP MCE box.

My tip as to who will win Australian Idol, not that I’ll get to see it unless I magically obtain a laptop while I’m away and can download the episodes from bittorrent, is Jessica Mauboy. Not because she’s talented, I mean seriously, f*ck me, she sounds the same every single week, she’ll win because she’s female and not white, and no matter how much me saying that is going to upset a whole pile of people, we all know it’s true. You see, white boys don’t win Idol, so as much as Damien deserves to win, after all he has by far and away the best falsetto I have ever heard (with my old I was once a musician hat on), he’s white and male…and probably worse still he’s married as well. The last 3 Australian idol winners:

1: male and Islander
2. female and aboriginal
3. female and fat

Having said that, given the recent success of Australian Idol winners, Damien is probably better off coming second, he can then follow in the footsteps of white boys such as Anthony Calleja and Shannon Noll and sell a pile of records, and for possibly the first time ever I’ll be amongst the buyers.


8 responses to Australian tragedy

  1. Duncan, I had no idea you were the type to watch [insert-country-of-choice] Idol! 😀

    Having said that, I think the quality of contestants on Australian Idol is usually pretty good to the ones over here in NA.

    Rock on sir, rock on. 😉

  2. “she?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ll win because she?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s female and black”

    This sounds like discriminatory and bit racial duncan.

    It looks you don’t have faith in Australian public’s judgement.


  3. Sorry, and I know it’s not PC to say so, and certainly I wasn’t trying to be intentionally racist, but look at the past winners…and probably more importantly look at which singers went on to have a great singing career. The Australian public sides with the so-called underdog every time, and unfortunately for Damien this year Jessica it is, and to make matters worse she’s getting far more support from Mark Holden than anyone else would if they sang like she does, the touch down the week before last is case in point: if anyone else had sung like that it would never have happened….and then go back some more, when she killed songs, absolutely terrible performances, Mark wouldn’t say boo about them, the most we got is “she’s 16” and “I was disappointed”. Lisa Mitchell (who was crap) got her just deserts, so it can’t be the age factor, can it?

  4. And while I’m at it, Mark Holdens paddy jokes about Damien: that’s racist beyond all belief, imagined if he joked about Jessica being a Gin? the country would be in uproar. Reality is, the judges don’t back the white boys in the same way they do for competitors with a non-anglo heritage (ie white). I’m not trying to be racist here, but it is true, and Mark Holden in particular is the worst offender. Maybe the Australian public will get it right, after all the judges wanted Emily Williams to win last year and she didn’t, although last year was a difficult year all in all, the talent wasn’t there, where as this year there’s a lot more depth across the board.

  5. Amended, it’s been pointed out to me that Jessica isn’t solely aboriginal, hence the change.

  6. If you wanted to amend this than leave the original content and strike it out and put the new content after that.
    This how you update a blog entry… not how you have
    made it, as for newcomers … they will not get the context until they read the comments.

  7. Gee Duncan, I didn’t know “fat”was actually an ethnic identity.

    Get over yourself. Maybe, Australian Idol is actually practicing a policy of affirmative action in the music industry.

    Or maybe white fat blocks just can’t dance….