Bad Karma….very bad karma

April 20, 2006 — 2 Comments

As the song goes, the karmas going to get you. I was hassling Jeremy the other day when he told me that he’d picked up a computer virus….mainly because he claimed he got it using Firefox. So what happens 2 days later? I was using IE for some testing and forgot I was using it. Before I knew it, there are more viruses on my computer then germs on the street of a third world slum. I’ve tried everything to get rid of this stuff, and I’ve got it down to one: something called Spyware Quake, which I stupidly (well in retrospect) managed to install after clicking on an alert box telling my I had spyware on my computer. See, the computer is only 3 months old, and I don’t use a lot of the HP/ Compaq installed software that came preinstalled on it. I presumed it was some sort of HP/ Compaq software message, and it didn’t look like a popup at all, it actually looked like a proper system generated message…..yeh, I should know better.