Firing on all guns: 2013 edition

January 17, 2013 a horse mask :)

me…in a horse mask 🙂

So long term readers of this site know that my life has been pretty topsy turvey for a long time. The irony that those words are both highlighted as spelling errors by Firefox sort of sums it up.

I’m not going to write an angsty post about the past, but share with you how Nichenet Pty Ltd is moving forward.

I’m happy to report that Nichenet Pty Ltd now has two active projects.

The first I’ve mentioned recently and that’s

Oh, and it’s officially out of beta as of now 🙂

I started in August using one of my oldest owned domains ( a domain I’d struggled for years (actually 12 years) to know what to do with.

From August I started posting free samples, competitions, and offers for Australian’s (with some international coverage.)

When I started it was hard to find a way to describe an offer…I cringe even now at some of my earlier posts. But the site has continued to grow, doing 50k + page views a month for the last few months and this month growing to potentially more again.

I’d note that linking to PR promos (freebies/ comps) is damn hard over the silly season as they dry up, but I still managed to find them.

I’m not yet rich off the site but it’s continuing to grow and I’m confident it will keep me in good stead going forward; it is covering its costs with a profit, but not enough yet for me to live off.

I’m also happy to announce that is back (now 42x, but same domain.) I was running short of money last year, and I’d over time put most of the writers off.

I’m please to say that Steve Hodson of WinExtra (one of the original writers) is helping me out with a post a day, and I’m aiming for 2-3 posts myself. We’ve also engaged with a company that will contribute the odd guest post as well. The intent is eventually to get 8-10 posts up a day, but we’re back at 3-5.

It’s early days but the funny thing is that the site never really stopped getting traffic; sure, it dropped from its peak (no one writing does that 😉 ), but the content there still brings page views in. I’m the first to admit that it’s helped a lot by the fine folks at That’s not an affiliate link BTW, they don’t do affiliates, it’s simply a recommendation to a service that delivers us 5 page views for every 1 we give them.\

Sorry, I can ramble on forever but the tl;dr is that in the last couple of months I’ve posted as much and even more than I did when I was still married.

I’m back, I’m going to kick ass, and I’m bringing some content to your screen sooner rather than later 🙂

If you’re an old TechCrunch fan, or an Australian who has met me or likes to follow a battler, please follow and, the first will give you freebies and the chance to win stuff, the second will make you smarter.

6 responses to Firing on all guns: 2013 edition

  1. Good to hear things on the work front are picking up!

    Now where is that dinner invite 😛

  2. Specht, coming soon 🙂

  3. Bam – rock it! Your best days are ALWAYS ahead of you.

  4. Thx for your support Jo.

  5. About time you went “Aussie” on us!!! 😉 Hope you have a real Kickarse year, mate and have some fun while you’re at it – life’s too short.

  6. As always you are optimistic and you will soon hit the sunny days . Great hearing from you